MingJiang Zhu


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Workshop cello made under Zhu's supervision. Hand-crafted with premium Asian tonewood. The cello is light in weight and very easy to play. Mingjiang Zhu only uses high quality wood that is particularly strong, so the plate can be made thinner, yet hold its integrity for develop better tone while aging. This cello is of exceptional quality. Deeply-flamed maple, well-seasoned spruce. The cello is powerful and complex in sound and feature a antiqued golden brown varnish. Available in Stradivari and Montagnana patterns

Setup: Larsen cello strings “A & D”, Spirocore cello strings “G & C”, Aubert or Despiau French bridge. Ebony fingerboard, Ebony/Boxwood pegs, Ebony/Boxwood tailpiece.

Sizes available: 4/4